Custom database design services
You know you need a database, but you can't find anything "off-the-shelf" that meets your specific needs. Even within a particular industry, no two businesses are exactly the same. Vertical market software can contain many features that are not relevant to your business and are confusing to your users while at the same time lack features that might be useful or even critical to your business. Vertical solutions don't usually provide the flexibility to add or remove features. Custom-built solutions using FileMaker Pro assure that your business software is a perfect fit for your needs.

What we do...
◆ Meet with you to discuss your needs and explore options
◆ Conduct a formal needs analysis
◆ Produce detailed specifications of your future database system
◆ Provide an estimate of cost and implementation schedule
◆ Design everything from user-friendly data entry interfaces to detailed management reports
◆ Provide hands-on training to key staff
◆ Offer on-going support and additional modifications as needed

FileMaker 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11
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